"Y Generation" has become a topic impossible to ignore these days…

Who is this "Y Generation"? It brings together young people aged between 15 and 35 (born between 1980 and 2000) and its characteristics are profoundly different from their parents’ generation, called "the X Generation" (persons aged between 35 and 55, born between 1960 and 1980). Y Generation is profoundly influenced by the digital environment and by the new technologies, by Facebook, Skype, Internet in general; it’s a connected generation!

In Romania, "Y Generation" represents, at present, approximately 20% of the total population, whereas in France it reaches 17.76% of the population.

Besides, by its exceptional mobilization, it is the « Y Generation » which got Klaus IOHANNIS elected as the new President of Romania.

From now on, we will have to take into account this new reality and know that, in civil society or in companies, this "Y Generation" does not react like its parents!

Considering this trending topic, the GRUIA DUFAUT Law Office and MAZARS Romania presented on Tuesday, November 18, in Bucharest, at a seminar organized by CCIFER, entitled "Y Generation. User guide…. Who are they?", the main characteristics of this generation and its impact on companies in terms of employment policies, organizational culture or even attitudes towards technology.

On this occasion, Mrs. Dana GRUIA DUFAUT, founder of the GRUIA DUFAUT Law Office, and Mrs. Roxana NITULESCU, Senior Lawyer at the GRUIA DUFAUT Law Office, presented the main life objectives of this generation, which rather focuses on life quality than on career, their position in relation to gender diversity within companies and their particular behavior in respect to professional life, as entrepreneurs, managers or even employees. The analysis presented by the GRUIA DUFAUT Law Office was based on its direct experience in the practice of counselling offered to companies on labor law, as well as on data revealed by an exhaustive survey on the “Y Generation”, conducted internationally by the audit company MAZARS.

You may find enclosed hereto our presentation

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