The little known stories of the lawyer profession

A Famous Grandfather

Dana Gruia Dufaut says, in a humorous manner, that her passion for the lawyer profession was inspired by the genes inherited from her grandfather, Andrei Rădulescu, lawyer and magistrate, member and President of the Romanian Academy between 1946 and 1948, founder of the school of Romanian law studies and President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Graduate of the « Sf. Petru și Pavel » High School in Ploiesti, Andrei Rădulescu studied at the Faculties of Law, Letters and Philosophy in Bucharest and obtained his Law Degree in Liège (Belgium). For almost 30 years, he was the chairman of the Chair of Civil Law of the Bucharest Faculty of Law and of the Superior Academy of Commercial and Industrial Studies, between 1918 and 1947, where he taught Civil Law, as well as International Law courses; his students considered him a demanding teacher. As a judge, Andrei Rădulescu always refused to make compromises. He published studies on the ancient Romanian law and during the last years he coordinated the printing, in critical editions, of several ancient Romanian laws. An exceptional lawyer, he became, towards the end of his professional career, the President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice. A real visionary in his domain, Andrei Rădulescu often said that « a real patriot must be honest and work selflessly ».

Sarmiza BILCESCU - ALIMANISTEANU (1867 – 1935)

Sarmiza_BilcescuShe was the first woman doctor of law in the world and the first woman to regularly attend the courses of the Université Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. She obtained her degree in law on June 17th 1887 with her thesis titled « On the Legal Condition of the Mother ». Moreover, she was the first woman lawyer in Europe, becoming a member of the Ilfov Bar in 1891.
Nevertheless, the Bucharest Court of Cassation rejected her right to plead as a lawyer. Consequently, she was not allowed to exercise this profession and ultimately, in 1897, she waived her quality of lawyer. She was one of the founders of a committee coordinated by Queen Mary of Romania (1915) seeking to implement a higher level of professional training for women.

Olga PETIT (1870-1965)

DR0792... (born Scheina Lea-Balachowsky in Korson – today part of Ukraine) – on December 6th, 1900, she became the first woman to be sworn in and exercise the lawyer profession in France. Her law thesis was titled « Law and Ordinance in States where the Legislative and the Executive Powers are Not Separated ».

Jeanne CHAUVIN (1862-1926)

DR1233… on December19th 1900, she was sworn in before the Paris Court of Appeal, thus becoming the second woman to accede to the lawyer profession in France, after Olga PETIT. She had requested to be registered with the Paris Bar on November 24th 1897 and she appeared before the Paris Court of Appeal in order to be sworn in.
By a decision dated November 30th 1897, Chamber I of the Paris Court of Appeal rejected her request for admission. After Law no. 1900-1201 as of December 1st 1900 was voted, allowing women to be sworn as lawyers and to exercise this profession, she was admitted in this profession on December 19th 1900, 13 days after Olga PETIT.

Yolanda EMINESCU (1921-1998)

A Romanian lawyer specialized in intellectual property law, she was a lawyer at the Ilfov Bar until 1945, when she was appointed as a judge, part of the first generation of woman judges in Romania. She was a scientific researcher at the Romanian Academy. She also taught intellectual property law at the Law Faculties of the Bucharest and Strasbourg Universities. Yolanda EMINESCU was the daughter of Matei Eminescu, brother of the famous Romanian national poet, Mihai EMINESCU.


... born on March 30th 1928, he is a lawyer specialized in criminal law, an academic and political figure, advocating for the abolishment of the death penalty, that he obtained in 1981. He took part to the drafting of the Romanian Constitution in 1991.


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