Gruia Dufaut

GDPR & data protection law

Our experienced data protection lawyers advise on a broad range of complex data protection issues and provide:

  • Legal audit of data and processing methods in order to identify the legal grounds for an optimal processing (legal obligation, contract, legitimate interest, consent etc.) by reference to its needs and obligations as a personal data controller;
  • Legal audit of data, processing methods and processing grounds, in order to identify the legal obligations to be complied with by the operator (e.g. whether or not to carry out an impact assessment, whether or not to designate a DPO etc.), legal audit on how the personal data operator complies with the obligations provided by GDPR;
  • Drafting or amending internal documents/policies that the operator needs to have in place, in order to ensure compliance with GDPR, for example: Consentement; Information of persons concerned; Procedures/policies (personal data collection and processing policy, e-cookie policy etc), Individual employment contract, internal regulation – clauses regarding the employees’ personal data;
  • Drafting contractual clauses referring to data processing, for the contracts concluded by the operator with its proxies; • Legal advice on specific issues encountered during the processing of personal data;
  • Legal training on the operator’s and/or DPO’s obligations.

The lawyers specialised in GDPR & data protection law

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