Gruia Dufaut

Cristina BOJICA Partner

Cristina BOJICA is a partner with GRUIA DUFAUT Law Office. With 24 years of experience in business law, Cristina successfully intervenes in conflict resolution and in negotiations in all the areas of competence that she successfully handles in our office: civil and company law (industrial and agricultural acquisitions, due diligence), real estate law (negotiation of contracts and litigation, etc.), personal data processing (audit, implementation of tailored fit solutions, processing compliance documentation, training).

Head of the Litigation Department, Cristina has a deep knowledge and understanding of the domestic legal system, successfully representing clients before all courts, including the High Court of Cassation and Justice as well as arbitration courts. She mainly intervenes in matters of civil law (, contractual relationship between professionals (contractual and corporate litigation), administrative and tax litigation (disputes on the protection of the supply system of public services, cancellation of building permits, VAT related disputes, tax challenges).

As for the area of personal data protection, Cristina holds a CIPP/ E (Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe) certificate granted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). The CIPP / E is the first specific professional title awarded to European data protection professionals, which is part of a comprehensive, principle-based framework and knowledge base on information privacy. The CIPP / E encompasses pan-European and national data protection laws, the European model for privacy protection, key privacy terminology and practical concepts regarding personal data protection and cross-border data flows.

Follow the “red lead” – the client’s rights and capitalization thereof - despite details and obstacles coming along the way.

Latest projects

  • Coordinator of the team of lawyers advising and representing one of the most important public utility operators in its disputes on the protection of the public service’s supply system;
  • Legal representation of various domestic and international companies before courts and different jurisdictional bodies Legal representation of several important investors in the agricultural sector in their litigations with the authorities or with persons claiming an ownership right over their exploitations;
  • Coordinator of the team assisting and advising a large international company in the road construction sector during the process of setting-up in Romania and providing and provided legal support in the everyday life of the company, in different matters Assisting one of the leaders of the market of gas and oil engineering in setting up a joint venture with a local company and coordination of the team providing legal advice during the operational stage of the joint-venture in different aspects of the everyday life of the company;
  • Providing legal advice for a company specializing in insurances Coordinator of the team of lawyers advising an important international company operating in the fuel trade sector in the everyday life of the company, real estate investments and litigation handling;
  • Legal audit aimed at ensuring compliance with the specific legislation on personal data processing for various companies operating in the fields of media and advertising, industry, food processing etc.

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