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Last updated: 25 March 2020

Pursuant to the Military Ordinance no. 3/2020, the confinement rules became harsher in Romania and new restrictions aimed at fighting against the coronavirus epidemic are to enter into as of this Wednesday, March 25.


  • The movement of persons is prohibited, unless it is for professional reasons or a personal emergency such as travelling to and from work / home when the professional activity is essential and impossible to be deferred or carried out remotely, shopping for necessities, health matters or caring for children / old / sick people or pets, for donating blood in the blood transfusion centres, for humanitarian and volunteering and for agricultural activities, sale of agro- alimentary products included;

  • People older than 65-year are expressly banned from moving around except from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for well grounded personal or medical emergency. Nevertheless, if such people are involved into a professional or agricultural activity, movement is allowed even outside this time lapse;

  • Team sports are forbidden;

  • For what is worth, beware that all people moving must produce, upon request of the authorities and as appropriate, the identity card, the certificate issued by the employer or a declaration under sole responsibility.
    The declaration under sole responsibility shall include the name and surname, the date of birth, the domicile / work place address, the reason of the travel, the movement time lapse, the date and the signature. Such declaration needs not bear the stamp. The declaration and the certificate issued by the employer may be displayed on an electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet or other similar device.

  • Such obligation is also incumbent upon self-employed persons (Romanian PFA), sole proprietorships owners, members of family owned enterprises, liberal professions and persons pursuant an agricultural activity.
    The restrictions on the free movement of persons come into force as of Wednesday, March 25.

ATTENTION! Pursuant to the provisions of the article 27 of the Emergency Ordinance of the Government no. 1/1999, inobservance of the emergency measures on the free movement of persons shall constitute grounds for disciplinary, civil, contraventional or even criminal liability.


  • If the access of foreign citizens in Romania has already been banned since March 22, except for under certain conditions, the new military ordinance provides for mandatory self-isolation at home or quarantine for all persons entering Romania (the measure is effective as of March 25 at 12,00 a.m.).

  • All flights to / from France and / or Germany have been suspended for 14-day period starting with March 25, at 11 p.m.. Emergency flights, State flights, technical flights and non-commercial flights do not fall under this measure.

Please note that France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United States, China and Iran are all considered « red zones » in terms of contagiousness, according to the National Institute for Public Health of Romania, and therefore all people coming from these areas shall be mandatorily placed under institutionalised quarantine.

  • Pilots are not granted access on board of ships coming from the red and yellow zones, unless equipped with protection.


  • Public institutions and economic operators have the obligation to mark a protection zone of at least 1.5 meters between their customers;

  • The administrators of the agro-alimentary markets shall ensure that the sales activity is carried out in observance of the security distance regulations between the agricultural producers, vendors and purchasers ;

  • The sale of electronic products and home appliances by economic operators who ensure home delivery and the sale of products and services of optical medicine do not fall under the ban on the commercial activity in the commercial centres enacted by the military ordonnance no. 2/2020.


  • The State institutions shall implement communication systems and software for permanent and in real time communication with people quarantined or in self-isolation at home, in order to check if quarantine and self-isolation conditions are abided by;

  • The validity of all documents due for renewal during the emergency state is maintained and they shall be renewed within the 90-day term following to the expiration of the emergency state ;

  • For a more effective enforcement of the restrictions ordered, the army shall assist the police forces;

  • The authorities shall also proceed to the identification and inventory of the homeless and ensure their accommodation.

Bucharest, 25 March 2020

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