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Last updated: 17 June 2020

The state of alert in Romania has been extended with 30 more days as of Wednesday June 17, 2020, under a Decision of the Government. New easing lockdown measures have also been announced under the Decision of the Government no. 476 of June 16, 2020 whereas some important restrictions on access of Romanian and foreign citizens in Romania have been maintained with little exceptions.

Here follow the main provisions in force:

Entering in Romania

• People coming to Romania from aboard are subject to 14-day self isolation at home; family members of such traveller are also bound to such isolation obligation if they live in the same household;

• Are exempted from such measure people coming from 17 European countries included on the list of the National Institute for Public Health from Romania, available here

• Are exempted from the 14-day self isolation / quarantine measure some categories of people among which: (1) cross border commuters entering in Romania from Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine or The Republic of Moldavia, as well as the Romanian citizens employed by economic operators set in these countries, who can produce proof of contractual relationships upon entry on the Romanian territory; (2) employees of the Romanian economic operators carrying works, under contracts concluded, outside the country; (3) the representatives of the foreign companies with subsidiaries / branches / representative offices or agencies upon production of proof of contractual relationships with such entities; (4) professionals entering in Romania for service provision of maintenance / service or transport as well as the inspectors of international bodies; (5) Romanian or foreign students whose domicile/residence is outside the country and who must pass graduation exams or who need to carry formalities related thereto; (6) the members of the European Parliament, members of the parliament and personnel acting in the field of national defence, public order and national security, diplomats, pilots and crews, engine drivers and railway crew, etc.

Air transport 

  • Commercial flights carried out by economic operators to and from Belgium, France, Iran, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Spain, United States and Turkey are suspended. Flights to and from these countries can be resumed conditional upon their being included on the list of countries exempted from the 14-day self-isolation / quarantine measure, held by the National Institute for Public Health approved by the National Committee for emergency situations;

  • Charter and technical flights carried out by air transport companies holding a flight licence under the EU regulations, for transport of seasonal workers, for transport workers or for repatriation of some foreign citizens from Romania towards other countries.

Retail business

  • Retail businesses operating inside the commercial centres (mall) have opened their doors to customers after a 3-month break. The measure does not apply to restaurants, coffee-shops, cinemas, game rooms that are inside such premises – malls.

Food and hospitality

  • Terraces are allowed to reopen as long as they adhere to strict social distancing rules (at least 2 meters between tables and maximum 4 persons at a table – if they do not belong to the same family);

  • Hotels, inns, coffee-shops or other public spaces are allowed to sell foods and beverages outdoor, indoor services remain closed;

Events, meetings & activities

  • Indoor events are allowed if less than 20 participants attend and conditional upon adhesion to strict social distancing rules; private outdoor events are allowed conditional upon no more than 50 participants attending and observance of the same strict social distancing rules;

  • Shows, concerts, public festivals or other cultural events in the open air gathering no more than 500 spectators are allowed, conditional upon the spectators sitting down at a 2-meter distance and wear a protection mask;

  • Drive-in shows are allowed for the passengers of the vehicle belonging to the same family;

  • Museums / sport /fitness facilities / beaches / outdoor swimming pools are open as long as they observe strict physical distancing rules;

  • Outdoor sport competitions or in close swimming pools but without spectators. Sportive training of professionals is allowed indoors and outdoors, conditional upon observing physical distancing between the participants. (at least 7 m2 per person); with a ban on contact sports ;

  • Leisure activities – individual sports played outdoors are allowed (cycling, hiking, racing, running, canoeing, mountaineering, hunting, fishing and other) are allowed for maximum 6 participants, as compared to 3 persons (not living in the same household) according to the regulation in force before June 15, 2020.

Child care, education:

  • Kindergartens, nurseries and after-school centres open their doors for the school holidays.

Remain close / banned

  • Indoors public swimming pools;

  • Assemblies, demonstrations, processions or other types of assembling in open spaces;


    Mask wear is mandatory in stores and inside other public premises, in public transport means and at the work place. Economic operators and public institutions shall organize their activity in a manner that allows mandatory epidemiologic triage upon entering their premises and hand disinfection for both their personnel and visitors.

    Even if some of the measures are relaxed there are other that remain in force and must be observed as one risks being finned thereupon.. For example, not wearing a mask in public transportation means or in stores is a contravention subject to a fine amounting to LEI 500 up to LEI 2,500.

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