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Last updated: 4 October 2016

As we informed you earlier in summer, the Government passed in June Emergency Ordinance no. 41/2016 (published in Official Journal no. 490/2016), aiming at simplifying administrative procedures and facilitating relations between citizens and the administration. The said Ordinance eliminates certain documents or procedures required in the past by the administration and it also facilitates the use of electronic means of communication in relation with the authorities. The way in which a part of the administration implemented OUG no. 41/2016 is presented to you hereinafter.


Further to the entry into force of OUG no. 41/2016, public institutions have to adapt their internal procedures to the provisions of the said Ordinance.

The implementing regulations of Ordinance no. 195/2002 on circulation on public roads used to require offenders to send by post, within 15 days, the proof of payment of traffic fines, together with a copy of the traffic violation report, to the police unit that had issued the sanction.

As announced by the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police Force (IGPR), from now on, citizens can send the proof of payment of a traffic fine by e-mail, to the concerned police unit.

Moreover, those who wish to obtain a document from the Police (for example, a criminal record certificate, a certificate) will no longer have to submit a copy of their ID card if they e-mail a copy thereof in advance to the police unit.

Nevertheless, they will still be required to present their ID card at the counter, to allow their identity to be checked.

Following the entry into force of OUG no. 41/2016, the 2 Lei extrajudicial fee for the delivery of the criminal record certificate will no longer be charged. This change is important because citizens used to spend a significant amount of time by going to the Post Office just to purchase a 2 Lei fiscal stamp, without which they could not obtain their criminal record certificate. Instead, the 10 Lei fee for the delivery of the criminal record certificate was not eliminated.


Until now, foreign citizens had to pay an extrajudicial fee for obtaining certain documents certifying their right of residence on Romanian territory and identity documents. From now on, the 5 Lei extrajudicial stamp duties for the issuance or extension of identity cards will no longer be charged.

Extrajudicial stamp duties can also be paid electronically, except for fees for the issuance of ownership titles for lands awarded under Law no. 18/1991 on agricultural real-estate.

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