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GRUIA DUFAUT Law Firm is consolidating its local team with lawyers at the Paris and Bucharest Bars

GRUIA DUFAUT Law Firm is consolidating its local team with lawyers  at the Paris and Bucharest Bars

Last updated: 28 February 2022

Bucharest, February 28, 2022 - GRUIA DUFAUT, one of the first francophone business law firms in Romania is consolidating the consultancy team, which is joined by two lawyers, members of the Paris and respectively Bucharest Bar.

Maud GILET, lawyer at both the Bucharest and Paris Bars, has joined the team of the Romanian office to enhance practice of the team in companies‘ law, European law and new technologies law. She advises both domestic and international clients, especially on matters of compared law involving French and European law.

Ruxandra GINGARASU, lawyer at the Bucharest Bar, with 6 years of experience in local business law firms and one of the most important Romanian real estate developers. She participates in corporate legal projects on matters related to companies’ law, labour law and copyright.

„Since our first legal mission in Romania 30 years ago, we have relied on the talent of young lawyers and above all on added value provided by a mixed team of lawyers trained in related faculties of law, such as the Romanian and the French ones. Multi-skilled legal training means valuable resources to be exploited for finding the most suitable solutions to multifaceted problems of our clients, irrespective of the activity field. Production and market go beyond national borders for a growing number of companies, which means an internationalisation of legal and fiscal matters is needed. We try to adjust to this new trend with mixed teams of lawyers with strong skills in specific subject-matters” declared Dana GRUIA DUFAUT, founder of the Law Office.


GRUIA DUFAUT is one of the first independent business law offices in Romania, set up by Dana GRUIA DUFAUT, attorney-at-law at the Paris and Bucharest Bars, who, in the previous 30 years, has been involved in numerous projects in Romania. The Law Office provides legal assistance in all business-related law fields, with focus on commercial transactions, fusions and mergers, companies’ reorganizing & restructuring, public procurement, greenfield projects and joint venture. With a team of 15 experimented lawyers, trained both in Romania and abroad, the Law Office advises a multinational and multisectoral clientele. As of 2019, GRUIA DUFAUT was selected by Team France Export (Business France) to provide business support in Romania for French SME within the program „law and fiscality – setting up subsidiaries and consultancy”.

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